The Foreign Correspondent

31 augustus 2015

Graag introduceer ik de eerste officiële gastblogger op Ingmar Drinkt: Danil Nevsky.

Cocktail bartender (@Tales & Spirits) en bargoeroe in spe, die met een koffer vol bartools de halve wereld afreist en daar op geheel eigen wijze regelmatig verslag van zal doen op deze site.

Als The Foreign Correspondent schrijft Danil in het Engels (dat leek ons beiden verstandiger dan Russisch), gezien dit zijn voertaal is vertaal ik dit niet. Nu geef ik graag de spreekwoordelijke pen aan de man die omschreven wordt als de Russische Schot die in Amsterdam werkt. Enjoy!

The (part time) Foreign Correspondent

Dear Reader,

Are you wondering why you’re reading this in English on a Dutch blog?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, who the hell is Danil Nevsky? Or why he is so arrogant? Have you ever wondered what the term “Foreign Correspondent” actually means?

For those who haven’t switched off yet we will be attempting to answer these crucial life questions below:

So sail forth Sinbad!

Wikipedia: A foreign correspondent is stationed in a foreign country.

Zero journalistic credibility

Now considering my journalistic credibility is a big fat 0 (or whatever is the lowest denominator for what journalistic credibility is measured in). I cannot refer to myself as anything special. On the other hand I correspond a lot and on the daily. I correspond in café’s, bars, restaurants or any hospitality-based establishment. I have been known to correspond so much that people have been sending me messages from around the world politely asking me to “Shut the fuck up Nevsky”.

As for the “Foreign” part of the title I think I’ve pretty much nailed that having lived in Russia, Ukraine, England, Scotland and finally the Netherlands. You could say I’m permanently corresponding in a foreign country.

The real question arises in this life of unrest “What do you do when you travel everywhere and live nowhere?” You learn to bartend since people drink when they’re happy, drink when they’re sad and sometimes even when they’re bored.

In reality I was training to be an actor from a young age, failing to achieve these goals I naturally fell into the hospitality industry at the age of 15. Rush forward 3 years and I felt as if I had found my calling.

Danil Nevsky - shout

What does this have to do with anything though?

A month ago myself and Ingmar Voerman had a discussion about life. We both agreed that the meaning is the number 42 and that sour coffee is a bad trend. He told me he wished to broaden the horizon and eventually reach for his blog by translating it into English. I happily agreed to cooperate in exchange for a corner to write my thoughts and ramblings.

A correspondent or on-the-scene reporter is a journalist or commentator for magazines, or

more speaking, an agent who contributes reports to a newspaper, or radio or television news or

another type of company, from a remote, often distant, location.

Experiences, bars and people

So for those that made it this far here the real sauce behind the sausage. I’m just a bartender and I have found myself lucky enough to travel to places I can’t really afford, to drink alcohol I would never be able to buy and hang out in the company of giants. All that being said I’ve worked for 10 years in Hospitality to get here. I’ve been a bus boy, a waiter, a bar-back and a dishwasher. I’ve been a make shift chef, a pretend bouncer, a host, a manager and a professional bullshitter.

So join me in my travels here on Ingmar Drinkt. I shall be sharing the experiences, bars & people I’ve met around the world as well as tips on different cities and countries on travel, etiquette and how to not piss people off.

I am Danil Nevsky.
This is the Foreign Correspondent Corner.

P.S. Tell my mum I found a real job (Part Time).

Danil Nevsky - Danil Nevsky - Tales & Spirits - © Ming Chao for WhiskyPassion

Danil Nevsky – Tales & Spirits – © Ming Chao for WhiskyPassion

Openingsfoto:  © Ming Chao for WhiskyPassion




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